File Preparation


Please convert fonts to Paths!

Please take note that any incorrect appearance of your used fonts is not guaranteed to be discovered during manual data control, and will not be noticed in all automated file checks. Due to this fact, we cannot value any claims regarding incorrect fonts printed.

To avoid any and all errors, you must outline your fonts (be sure to save a work file and a separate converted print file in case you have alterations). Depending on the software you use, the terminology may vary from outline fonts, convert fonts to paths or convert fonts to curves. This way, all text elements are turned into vector shapes and are no longer editable or exchangable. This is most important for any files created or worked on in Creative Cloud.

If you export your graphics into JPG or TIF format, fonts will automatically be converted into pixels so no further action is required.

Editable vs. Outlined Text 

Please ensure that all fonts are embedded when exporting your PDF file. This will generally happen automatically when following our PDF export instructions. The only exception is if you are using fonts with license restrictions that will prohibit embedding, in such case you must convert the text to outlines to ensure correct display in print.

However, once this step is done please be advised that you can no longer edit your text. So be sure to keep a copy of the editable original and save the outlined file(s) as additional version(s) in case you need to go back for corrections, revisions or other text edits.
In your original file you can still edit the text and make corrections if needed.

To avoid errors that may occur with the use of true type fonts, we recommend to generally convert text to outlines. This way you can be sure your design will look exactly as you intended it, without running risk of missing fonts or fonts being replaced with different characters (this can happen in rare occasions if fonts are regionally mapped differently etc.). 

This last image C shows an example of what happens when opening the file on a computer which does not have the decorative font installed. The editable text is replaced with an alternate font, and thus display is incorrect. The copy below with text converted to outlines maintains its appearance and is printing correctly.