Order Process

Cancellation & Complaints

How can I cancel my order?

Contact us as early as possible.

If you have not uploaded and confirmed your files yet, cancellation is free of charge.

Once we have reviewed your file (whether or not you have ordered a proof), cancellation may incur a cancellation fee.

Cancellation of production cost is no longer possible once production has started (order status "Prepress"/"Print") and we can only offer to refund the shipping charges at this point.

What is your return policy?

Since each order is unique and has no re-sale value, all sales are final.

My product has a defect. What should I do?

When you receive a product with printing error or transportation damage, please inform us immediately. If no such claim is made within 5 business days after delivery, we will understand that the job has been accepted.

We kindly ask to send us photos of the delivered product clearly showing the issue by e-mail to support@printsafari.com. Each picture should show 10-15 examples of the received product in it. 

  • Please enter your ORDER NUMBER in the subject line.
  • Please do NOT return the products by MAIL to us!
  • In case of a transportation- or packaging damage(s) please keep the products and the packaging until we have checked the facts completely.

Having received your e-mail & photos we will check the facts and reply to you with a solution as fast as possible.

What should I do in case of shipping damage?

Our products leave our facility in good condition and properly packaged with inner and outer boxes for protection during transit. 

In case of shipping damage, we kindly ask for your assistance, as well documented pictures are mandatory to solve the issue in a satisfactory and time efficient manner. 

Please email us images of the damaged outer and inner boxes to document how the items were packaged and handled. Please send as well photos clearly documenting the condition and amount of damaged content. These images will not only help settle the damage claim with our carriers quickly, they will also help us to find possible weak spots and work on fixing them. 

Do not discard the packaging or damaged content until we have checked the facts completely and shipping damage claim is resolved.

How can I capture a printing issue most effectively in my images?

The fastest way to resolve any issues with a delivered print is to email us good photographs clearly showing the issue. We recommend taking pictures in day light or in a well lit room. Flash light or lighting auto adjustments of your camera may affect the visibility of what you're trying to capture. 

Products are best laid out in a fan showing multiple copies of the flaw that way (example A). In case of errors affecting front vs. back, e.g. you ordered a 4/4 print and delivered 2 files but only 1 side was printed, please fold a corner in the samples so both sides can be seen simultaneously (example B).

If the error refers to size or folded size, please add a ruler in your photo to see the measurements (example C).