Layout Service

In the event you are unable to create print ready files yourself (e.g. you lack layout software, time, or skills), we can assist you for a small fee with the creation of your print-ready files. Naturally, your requirements should be rather simple and we are following your basic instructions or sketches. 

You will be able to review your file and request improvements twice. These changes will be based on the created layout and do not include a different second design.

Complex arrangements would exceed the scope of this service (see below for further information). This is not a design service, or only a very limited one. 

To evaluate if we can create your artwork for a fixed charge of $39.90, please email us with your request and source material. You need to supply the following:

  • A sketch or draft of the layout you envision
  • Logos in high resolution, ideally vector format (.ai, .eps, vector .pdf)
  • Artwork in high resolution, photo editing is taken care of on your end
  • Image collages are readily assembled for the final format (if applicable)
  • All text is submitted spell checked and in its final form (we need to be able to copy/paste)
  • Reference pictures to match corporate identity (if applicable)

To achieve the best possible result, any artwork you deliver must be of printable quality: An image of 48 KB is most likely not suitable, a photo of 3400 KB (3.4 MB) is likely fine. Photo editing is not included in this service - we will not adjust colors, not do beauty fixes, not create collages, etc.! We will only crop an image if the layout requires.  

This service can also be used for correction services that exceed the time allocation of the Manual File Review option, for example to create your spot UV channel or similar.


Our Layout Service is most useful in situations where you have a logo or image you want printed on standard products like bookmarks, business cards, notepads, presentation folders, postcards, envelopes, etc. We can also add common features like text elements, lines or squares on notepads, address lines and placeholders for stamps on postcards, etc.

Any artwork you send us must be of printable quality, i.e. either with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution or delivered in large size format. The service does not include photo editing work such as image masking or photo manipulation. Please ask for a quote if you need these services as part of your layout service. 

For logos, it is generally best to send .eps or .ai files if you have them available. We kindly ask you to proof-read any text you submit carefully for spelling errors or flipped numbers before submitting to avoid delays tied to corrections. Please send text elements in digital form by e-mail or as text document so we can copy/paste to prevent text errors that may occur otherwise. 

When ordering, you will find "Layout Service" as an option on product pages of products like bookmarks, business cards or notepads (for which this service is most suitable). To add this service to any other order, please add this product to your shopping cart along with your print products.

Extended Correction Services

This service can also be used as an extended Manual File Review that allows more time to correct your submitted print files, or assist you with technical challenges like Spot UV elements.

Check Your File Before Printing

You will receive an online proof of the created file for review before it goes to print. This is your chance to double-check everything for proper spelling and, of course, request corrections if required. 

We kindly ask you to review thoroughly and send us detailed instructions for your corrections. By default, you can request corrections twice. Should your file require more attention after these two reviews (or in case a complete change of design is desired), additional charges may arise. 

Once approved, your file is forwarded to prepress and your production turnaround time starts.

Need More Than Basic?

If you're not sure whether this service covers your needs, you are welcome to describe them in an e-mail and we will get back to you with a confirmation or an individual quote that matches your project. 

You can also request a quote for correcting any more complex files (such as brochures or catalogs) or real design services. We cooperate with a graphic design agency and are happy to make you an offer for product design, logo design, corporate design, and so on.