File Preparation

Artwork Orientation & Page Set-Up

Products with Two Pages

If your product has two sides, the orientation of your two pages will determine how the sides will be printed in relation to each other. When you upload your files, you must upload one file as „Front“ and the other one as „Back“ ("F" and "B" in the diagrams).

Our file upload does not differenciate between landscape or portrait format. Your files should be set up in the original text reading orientation (you shouldn't need to tilt your head in a 90° angel to be able to read it on screen). This way you can be sure that your files will print with a correct flipping behavior. 

If both pages have the same orientation (landscape or portrait) they will be printed top to top and bottom to bottom.

If you combine landscape with portrait (one file is portrait, the other one landscape), the files will be rotated to meet same alignment. We do not recommend this set-up and we do not guarantee correct page orientation when files are delivered in this way. For this reason we kindly ask you to rotate the files accordingly to how you invision the flipping to be.

If you are unsure which way to rotate (CW or CCW), we suggest to create a little mock-up of your final product to test for yourself how flipping behavior will be.

Products with Folds

Products with folds (e.g. Brochures, Greeting Cards, Tent Cards, Foldover Business Cards) are also uploaded as front (outside pages) and back (inside pages). The dotted line in the diagram resembles the folding or scoring line.

Due to our highly automated production process it is mandatory that your file is submitted following the exact page orientation as provided by our templates

This means that even if you intend to hold the printed product differently once it's on paper (e.g. upside down, rotated by 90°, etc.), the file must be rotated correctly to match our template for production otherwise the inside may end up printed upside down. Please create a paper dummy to verify your page setup is correct and if you are unsure, please add our manual file review to your order and we will double check this for you.


Envelopes are actually products with folds as well. 4/4-Envelopes are basically set up like the front side of landscape greeting cards — please use our templates!

Multi-Page Products

When setting up your pages for multi-page products like catalogs and calendars, you must set them up as single pages (not as spreads). Bleed needs to be added to all 4 sides of each page, so an 8.5" x 11" magazine would be 8.625" x 11.125" mm (not 8.5625" x 11.125" as it is exported when using spreads). 

Example: When you order a catalog with 8 pages you will have one pdf file with 8 pages. Your cover should be page 1, the inside of the cover page 2, the next page 3, etc., same like flipping through a magazine. The last page in the PDF will be your catalog's back when closed. If you cannot create a multi-page PDF, all files must be numbered correctly in their file name. (e. g. Calendar_01.tif, Calendar_02.tif, Calendar_03.tif, etc.) 

You can upload a Zip-File or a multi-page PDF. When using a Zip-File, make sure all your file names include the correct page number in an unmistakable manner. The front cover is page number 1.