Order Process

File Upload

When and where can I upload my files?

The upload page of any given order is open when we have received payment for that order. Uploading and confirming your files will close the upload so your order can be processed.

There are several ways to access your upload:

  • Directly after you have made your payment, you will be directed to our success page. This page contains a button leading to your upload page.
  • Your order confirmation e-mail contains a link to your upload page.
  • Through your account.

The upload page doesn't accept my files. Why?

This is most likely because your files do not meet one or more requirements. The upload page will show which of the following criteria have not been met:

  • File dimensions
  • Resolution
  • Number of pages
  • Your file is larger than 200 MB. Pleace contact us if you need to upload files larger than 200 MB. We will set up temporary FTP access for you.

If you receive an error regarding file dimensions, please cross-check your data with our file templates for correct measurements. Don't add crop marks when saving your .pdf file to avoid this error message.

However, we cannot fully rule out technical incompatibility between our upload application and your browser version. Please contact us if you suspect a problem of this kind. Thank you.

I want to upload new files even though I have already confirmed them.

We can reopen your upload only if your files are not yet in prepress. Contact us immediately.

Ordering an online proof will give you the opportunity to check your files once again before printing and upload new files.

Can I send my files by email?

Please always upload your files to your order to ensure all deadlines for receipt of your files are met. If you choose to email files, we cannot guarantee that they are assigned to your order within the given cut off times for production. 

Please be advised that you are responsible for the correct document size of your files whenever you choose to order with Automated File Check. We do not correct/adjust your file size and will ask for a new print file.

We will correct your file size if you choose Manual File Review for your order. If you receive an upload error when choosing this option, you may email the file with your order number in the reference and our graphic team will check and if needed correct the file for you. 

Can I design my product online?

No. We require print ready files, which you create in the graphic program of your choice. If you need assistance with file creation, please contact us for our layout service.

Can I upload my files before placing an order?

No. Uploaded files need to be associated with an order number, and therefore can not be uploaded prior to placing the order.

How do I know if the correct file has been uploaded?

The upload page shows file names and thumbnails of the artwork you uploaded, and their position (front or back, outside or inside for folded products). Please check the file names and/or the thumbnails prior to confirming the upload. If you ordered an online proof, you can check your files visually and change them if desired.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

You can upload files with a size up to 200 MB. To reduce your file size, you can “zip” or “stuff” them. Please contact us if your files exceed 200 MB.

Do you provide FTP connections for uploads?

We provide an FTP connection for customers in special cases, e.g. if your artwork is unusually large (>200 MB).

What if I find a mistake in my artwork after submitting? Can I upload new files?

Please contact us and we will check if your artwork is already being processed. If not, we will change your order status so you can upload your corrected files. This will, of course, delay the start of your turnaround time. Ordering a PDF Proof gives you the opportunity to check for errors again and change your files prior to production.