Print File Services

Automated File Check (Free):

When you upload your files, an application checks your files for document size, colour mode, and resolution. Non-CMYK colour modes will automatically be converted to CMYK, which may lead to slight colour deviations.

Error detection, however, is not guaranteed. If you choose this option, we do not take any responsibility for misprints due to incorrect files.

We kindly ask you to thoroughly review your files before submission if you choose this file check option, as your file is forwarded to production after upload confirmation. 

Should your file contain problematic errors that will noticably reduce the quality of the printed product (e.g. screen resolution) you may receive an approval request from us. Please confirm in these cases that you want us to "print as is", or contact our support team to add another file upload and manual file review to your order (see in the following). 

Manual File Review ($9.90):

If you choose this option, one of our experts will review your file and inform you about errors and risks. Small errors will be corrected if it is possible and can be done in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, you will be asked to upload new files.

You will receive an Online Proof, giving you the opportunity to check your files, approve changes we may have made, or upload new files.

You may decline the Online Proof of your adjusted print files once, and reupload new files which will be checked by our graphics department again. Any additional Online Proof or File Upload requires the purchase of another Manual Check ($9.90).

Be advised that your turnaround time begins only when you have submitted and approved your print-ready files.

The check does not include the following:

  • revision of spelling errors and grammar
  • revision or editing of your content or artwork
  • correct use of overprint settings
  • conceptionally correct use of spot UV

Spot UV: Please note that we can check Spot UV only with regard to its correct technical implementation, not its creative concept. Please read our Spot UV instructions, or contact customer support to verify you have applied it correctly. 

Layout Service (starting at $39.90):

We can create print-ready files for you, following your basic instructions. Any artwork you deliver must be of printable quality. You will be able to review your file and request improvements twice.

This service can also be used for correction services that exceed the time allocation of the Manual File Review option.

Not sure if this covers your needs? You are always welcome to contact us per Live-Chat or e-mail.

Note: Layout Service is available as an option for the products it is most suited for (like bookmarks, business cards, notepads), but you can also order Layout Service separately.

File Correction Service (starting at $39.90):

This service is offered when ordering catalogs/magazines and is used for correction services that exceed the time allocation of the Manual File Review option. This could apply to the creation of bleed for your magazine, separation of files submitted as facing pages or separation/correct sorting of imposed pages. The price for our File Correction Service correlates to the page count of your magazine, to enable our design team to treat each catalog catalog page with sufficient time for a professional result.

Please be advised that this service does not include the creation of your magazine design, it is purely a correction service for incorrect print files.

Feel invited to contact us if you have further questions!